Art is Motion

Campaign: Art is Motion
Product: Lexus IS300h hybrid car
Client: Lexus
Agency: Belgian Communication agency Happiness Brussels contracted Generative Artist Sergio Albiac

The Lexus IS300h is being advertised to portray how a person’s actions define them and how by driving this particular Lexus you can create a self identity you feel more affinity for. The intended target of this campaign is environmentally conscious drivers who have a sense of how they became the people they are. A positive self identity and a defined sense of self connects the Lexus IS300h and the intended target. The SMIT is that your actions define who you are. The generative visuals of this campaign reinforce the SMIT by showing how your driving habits can alter the presented self portrait, it attempts to make minute actions tangible. The copy of the promotional video and on the promotional site reinforces the fact that humans are a result of their genes and their choices and that although they cannot affect their genetic structure they do hold power over their decisions and in turn, their decisions define them more-so than their genes. The campaign context supports the SMIT by providing a tangible representation of a drivers actions in real time, so that the experience is had in real time as you interact with the product.


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