Biophilia – Bjork

Bjork has teamed up with 10 developers at MIT to create a series of ten apps to accompany ten of her songs to be used as interactive learning tools. Highlighting the further blurring line between art and technology.

The most powerful portion of the article highlighting this tool found on Wired, reads “The whole theme was about connecting the dots, building bridges between things that didn’t have a bridge before — nature and technology, atoms and the galaxy. It is so overreaching in unifying everything in the Universe.” The reason I was drawn to these lines is because of the way I make sense of things, by observing patterns and cyclical relationships and by connecting dots. This way of thinking is evident in my personal art works, in my taste in design and in the career I aspire to be a part of.

I’m really glad that Bjork has embraced the merger of art and technology as well, two seemingly distant fields that in reality are closely linked. Art furthering technology and technology doing the same for the art field.


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