Motorola Moonshot Lab Windy Day Film

Campaign: Motoral Windy Day Film
Client: N/A
Agency: Motorola ATAP

Motorola hoping to position itself as an experience deliverer created the Windy Day interactive film intending to target those who value experience and new technological developments as well as products. The connection between the target and the message is that Motorola is here to deliver products that will fulfill the new generations desire to have the latest and greatest of technologies. The SMIT being communicated is that Motorola is now a player in the advertising technology innovation game, hoping to follow int he foot steps of Google and MIT Media Lab. The visuals of the application strengthen Motorals stance to position itself as an ad tech powerhouse, there are not necessarily accompanying copy, but rather the reactions of Windy Day users. The context of the application shows the burgeoning of Motorola’s ad tech innovation hopes and dedicated teams.


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