Emoto Data Visualization

The Emoto project shows another two things that I am incredibly interested in. Created by Moritz Stefaner, Drew Hemment, Studio NAND. Data Visualization and bridging the gaps between the digital and physical environments. Visualizing the global response to the 2012 olympics Emoto gives context to social content and adds meaning by providing a tangible representation of peoples reactions to the games. Not only is the tool informative, well designed and easy to explore but the added on 3D printing component of the project takes the visualization one step further by printing the social response line graphs from specific time periods focusing on specific events. It’s really exciting to see the booming of data visualization and the desire of the creative coding community to bridge the ambiguous gap between the two ‘separate’ worlds of digital and physical. Two worlds that I see becoming more and more intertwined. I also really enjoy the generative component of the project that shows the interactions within a geometric context by varying the size of the logos.

Data Visualization, check. Generative design, boom. Digital/Physical bridging, check. Geometric style components, check. This project has most of what I’m interested in and I’m really excited to see what future projects the MIT SENSEable City Lab has in store.

My future aspirations include one day clenching a spot in the MIT Media Lab, so seeing these projects come out of other entities of the MIT creative technology landscape is really exciting and makes me want to look deeper into the MIT environment.


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